Bob & Charlotte's History

We are glad to share a little about us with you! We count it an honor to be a part of your life.

The House Of The Lord, Inc. was incorporated in 1969. Bob & Charlotte Torango are the founding ministers of The House Of The Lord.

Our ministry started together in the Detroit, Michigan area where we started as Pastors of a small group of hungry believers. We then moved to Tempe, Arizona and traveled full time evangelistically, proclaiming everywhere to everyone the immense gift of God's grace toward His creation, wrought by the eternal victory of Jesus Christ over sin and death. In 1978, we moved to Tennessee and were blessed to Pastor a small group of believers at The House Of The Lord Assembly in Dickson, TN. My Dear Charlotte passed on into glory on September 21, 2017. Since then I have sold the Church building and am presently holding Sunday Services in my home, broadcasting each Service LIVE on Facebook and also posting them on YouTube. 

The Lord has graciously allowed us to minister His word of truth concerning The Kingdom Of God and His ultimate salvation for all men, for almost five decades. During that time, we have been blessed to be a part of the ranks of ministry that hold faithful to the truth and ministry of reconciliation and restoration of mankind. We have been connected throughout the world to the Family of God, and have come to be in close fellowship with many wonderful ministry of the message of the Kingdom of God, having seen some of the dear Fathers of the Faith pass on to the other side of the river, but seeing other ministry being raised up to take their place in this present world. We continue to minister to the ministry with the counsel of God and share all that the Father has bestowed upon us and revealed to our hearts. holding nothing back from them that is pure and true. We feel it is a time for us to strengthen one another in the ways of the Lord and to hold up those that have taken a stand for the truth of the Gospel to be declared. 

We have also been blessed to receive almost two hundred songs from the spirit of the Lord that deal with God's Plan of the Ages and the power and restoration that is in store for all men everywhere. We have been made humbly aware that the songs that the Lord has birthed through us over these many years have been sung around the world and we are in awe of how the Lord has used this spiritual music to bless and strengthen His chosen people. The spirit of the Lord continues to this day to birth new music in our being and we will continue to make these songs available to the precious Body of Christ. All of our songs are available to you through this web site, either to listen to from the site itself, or to download into your personal computer or other devices. All songs are free to distribute to others, as long as the content of the songs are not changed and due credit to the authors are given. Presently, we have a 7 CD set of our songs, "God's Message In Song", and it is available on CD, or you can download all of the songs from this site. We also have available a song book that follows the songs in the order that they appear on the CD’s. I am presently working to make our newer songs available on CD’s or by MP3 files.

We also send out a monthly writing and also offer an audio Message of the Month available on CD. All of our material will appear on this web site, but if you prefer to have the materials mailed to you by the Postal service, we will be glad to do so. We love to minister to the Body of Christ, and we are very thankful for having this opportunity to share in this way to all of those that are in need of encouragement and fellowship in the spirit of the Lord. 

I am available for ministering to any group that would like to have us come to their location, along with other Ministries of The House Of The Lord, as the spirit of the Lord leads. We do want to be a help to any that are searching for Truth and we would be glad to get together with anyone that bears a witness to what the Father is speaking to our hearts.

The Lord continues to challenge us with new paths to trod and we are expanding our outreach each year to minister the Good News of God's salvation for all and our transformation into His likeness and image. We welcome your help in prayer and financial support to accomplish those things the Lord has placed upon our heart. There are many needs today to be met by the power and grace of God, but together we can move mountains!

We pray you will come back to our site over and over again and see what is new in our ministry. We remain your humble servants in the service of our King. 

Robert D Torango