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Dealing with the emotions

Also physical, and often financial ramifications.

Women who are having difficulties conceiving are not alone. More than 7 million couples face some sort of fertility issue and must deal with the emotional, physical, and often financial ramifications. The focus of this article is to help patients learn better ways of coping with infertility. Seeking counseling can help prospective parents through the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies fertility treatment. Here are some helpful coping strategies to consider.

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Educate Yourself

Technology changes quickly, so it is helpful to be on top of all the newest treatment types. Do some research yourself, or ask your fertility specialist to answer any questions you may have.


Support yourself and your partner as this can be a most stressful time. Exercise, eat healthily, find time to relax and decompress—maybe a massage or some other indulgent treatment—meditate or utilize whatever types of activities that bring you comfort and ease stress.


It can be easy to play the blame game, so be mindful of any negative thought processes about your partner and communicate with one another in a non-critical manner. Typically, when you don't express your feelings, they tend to come out in another way.

Arguments, snapping at one another, isolating or avoiding may occur due to lack of healthy expression of feelings.

Being aware of this and taking extra time to give love and support to one another is crucial.

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Women who are interested in egg donation may choose to be a Known or Anonymous donor. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor please click the button below and fill out the application.

Donate Remaining Embryos

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Since 1995, we have been an innovator in, IVF, infertility treatment, and genetics care, and have helped thousands of patients worldwide realize their dreams of starting a family.

Adopt Embryos

Why Choose Embryo Adoption

A more private way to adopt

The process of receiving donated embryos is less obvious to the public which allows for more privacy than traditional adoption.

  • Greater degree of privacy
  • Anonymous
  • More control of timing

More convenient than IVF

Some intended parents may choose embryo adoption for its speed and convenience

  • Fewer procedures than IVF
  • No surgical retrieval
  • Fewer medications

More cost-effective

Embryo adoption is a fraction of the cost of traditional adoption and less than the average cost of IVF

  • Lower cost than traditional adoption
  • Lower cost than most IVF options
  • Lower cost medications

Less waiting

The waiting period for embryo adoption can be shorter than that traditional adoption and often quicker than IVF

  • Shorter waiting times
  • Quicker than IVF
  • Fewer clinic visits

Genetic diversity

In some cases, intended parents may wish to have a child who doesn't share their genetic material for medical reasons or personal ones.

  • Avoid passing on a hereditary disease
  • Choice of genetic makeup
  • Increased potential for a healthy baby

High success rates

Compared to IVF with you own eggs and sperm, using donated embryos often has a similar or higher success rate

  • Typically better outcomes

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